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Glaziers Hall • London
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ASD DAYS UK is one of Europe's major one to one ASD events, exclusively dedicated to Aerospace & Defence Supply Chains and R&D competencies.
Supporting Innovation and value for money in the International Defence Industry

Philip DUNNE • Minister of State for Defence Procurement at the Ministry of Defence

Taking the UK’s successful aerospace, defence and security sector to the next level

Paul KAHN • President of Airbus Group UK and President of ADS

Boeing: the next 100 years

Sir Michael ARTHUR • President of Boeing Europe

As Boeing’s president for Europe, building on his 30 years as a British Diplomat and 5 years working in international business, Sir Michael will provide a unique perspective on the global nature of the aerospace industry, both its history and its exciting future. Boeing celebrates its first century of aerospace leadership in July 2016 and Sir Michael will explore how the company has grown, in partnership with companies around the world, and what the shared future holds for Boeing, the industry and our customers. Delegates will hear more about how to access the Boeing supply chain in the commercial, defence, space and security sectors.

Cybersecurity : Present & future

Dr Phil JONES • Managing Director & Head of Cyber Security • Airbus Cybersecurity UK
Chris CROWTHER • Head of Information Security Consulting

The 2015 Government sponsored PwC report revealed that 90% of large companies and 74% of small companies experienced some sort of cybersecurity breach and the trend is growing. Large or small, the fact is that we are all likely to be the victim of a cybersecurity incident ..we may already have that badge.

The ongoing media frenzy of cyber breaches continues to jaundice our view of ‘cyber’ towards the negative. It seems that the technobabble talisman has, in actual fact, disconnected decision makers and budget holders from the practical steps to prevent, detect, respond and recover from information security incidents thus putting at risk the ability to truly capitalise on the positive benefits of increased digitalisation.

Our talk will reflect on all of these points taking a non-technical look at cybersecurity and explain what executives need to do to ensure their businesses are best protected and future-proofed.

Working with Lockheed Martin - How we do business

Nigel STRUTT • UK Director, Supply Chain Policy, Governance and Operations • Lockheed Martin

With over 36 years of experience of working in the Aerospace and Defence business across all tiers Nigel is well placed to comment on the challenges and opportunities working in these sectors present. Specifically he will share how Lockheed Martin UK works with the UK Supply chain to seek out innovation, affordability and agility in a project orientated environment whilst addressing operational considerations driven by legislation and policy all of which have to be blended successfully to prosper. Gain an insight into what are the operational imperatives that drive Lockheed Martin in the UK and how these translate into new business opportunities for our supply chain partners.

Growth strategy for TAS in the UK and our vision for engagement with (and growth of) the UK Space sector supply chain

Nigel TOWERS • Head of Strategy • Thales Alenia Space UK

Presentation will outline the aggressive growth plans and strategy for Thales Alenia Space in the UK. Thales Alenia Space is making significant invest in the UK to increase its footprint and establish a robust UK industry supply chain. The Thales Alenia Space UK (TAS-UK) vision is to become a Space Mission Prime contractor by leveraging capabilities from across UK SMEs and UK Academia combined with capabilities from Thales UK and from Thales Alenia Space in France and Italy. TAS-UK in the centre of excellence for propulsion systems for the whole joint venture and is expanding propulsion production facilities in Belfast. Additional, key technologies will be developed in the UK using Customer and Internal research and development funding.

Reducing quality escapes and recalls with unique part traceability

Alastair MORRIS • Sales Director• Pryor Marking

By ensuring that every single component has full life-cycle traceability is manufacturers can save significant time and resource in identifying the cause of quality escapes. Combining permanent, unique identification marks with manufacturing data capture provides an instant component history at any point in a product’s life cycle. Root cause analysis is speeded up and recall actions are directly targeted at the known locations of specific components. Unique part traceability will be an essential part of any truly connected Industry 4.0 production facility.

Industry 4.0 technology with Context Aware Computing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) optimize composites part manufacturing

Clive CHITIZ • Vice President Business Developement • Plataine

Composites part fabrication requires real-time decisions based on a long and growing list of variables and constraints. As production increases, suppliers are faced with more complex manufacturing environments as well as growing cost pressures by OEMs, and thus are less likely to make optimized decisions.

Theory and practice show, that the more variables considered in solving a problem, the better the expected result. However, in attempt to consider the ‘big picture’, human beings reach their limit at some point, and resort to solving parts of the challenge bit by bit, with or without software designed to address that sub-problem. In order to meet today's challenges there is a need for intelligent software to step in and look at the big picture, we must provide it with the context in which to act, and do so digitally and in real time. While some data can be received from systems like ERP, MES or PLM, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) represents dramatic opportunities as new sensor technologies collect vast amounts of data in real time, creating a rich context as never before.

This presentation will discuss this concept and the opportunity of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and will review a set of real-life examples from OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers, demonstrating the power of the Industry 4.0 revolution to take manufacturing optimization to new levels of efficiencies.

Learning objectives:

1. Participants will learn how to leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to create a rich digital context and push the productivity envelope in composites part manufacturing

2. Participants will learn how to optimize real-time decisions based on a long and growing list of variables and constraints.

3. Participants will be able to review a set of examples demonstrating how greater digital contexts enable software to make even better manufacturing decisions

Adventures in the New Space Race: From idea to orbit in under 3 years

Shefali SHARMA • Business Development Executive • Oxford Space Systems

Increasing demands to achieve “more for less and quicker” have led to both new challenges and new opportunities for the global space industry. Satellite builders are faced with multiple challenges of lowering costs and compressing lead times in the fiercely competitive world of commercial satellite construction and launch. The desire to use smaller, lower cost launch systems means an additional demand to extract more functionality from much smaller platforms. All spacecraft require deployable structures, such as panels, antennas and boom systems to unlock the potential of a spacecraft once in orbit. Hence, part of the solution in achieving ‘more for less’ is for a satellite’s deployable structures to be more stowage efficient, less costly & complex, and lighter than those flown before.

Oxford Space Systems is developing a new generation of space deployable structures, compatible with the demands of the global new space industry. Using conventional, as well as proprietary new materials such as flexible composites together with the skills of a globally recognized expert in origami, OSS is pioneering a range of deployables that meet the challenges of the new space race.