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ASD DAYS UK is one of Europe's major one to one ASD events, exclusively dedicated to Aerospace & Defence Supply Chains and R&D competencies.
News April 2016

Zeus will be present at ASD Days UK !

Zeus has vast experience in medicine, aerospace, energy exploration, automotive, fiber optics and more allowing you to leap past “can’t” and into “how”.

News April 2016

Antwerp Space will be present at ASD Days UK !

Antwerp Space provides expertise and system solutions for broadband access systems via satellites, satellite ground control stations for spacecraft control and reception of data from earth observation satellites and test systems used during the integration of spacecraft.

News March 2016

3D Systems will be present at ASD Days UK !

3D Systems’ Quickparts® Solutions service has changed the way product development and manufacturing professionals source parts. Quickparts enables buyers to get instant, custom generated quotations for the production of parts, anywhere in the world.

News March 2016

RAYTHEON UK will be present at ASD Days UK !

Raytheon Company is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions. Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration, capabilities in C5I, sensing, effects and mission support services.

News March 2016

Plataine will be present at ASD Days UK !

Plataine is an award-winning, leading provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-based Intelligent Automation software solutions for Composites Part Manufacturers.

News March 2016

Lockheed Martin UK will be present at ASD Days UK !

Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that – with the addition of Sikorsky – employs approximately 126,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.

Always being eager to participate in B2B meetings with SMEs, we thank Lockheed Martin UK for participating in ASD Days UK to meet their needs!

News February 2016

Pryor Marking Technology is hosting a conference !

Reducing quality escapes and recalls with unique part traceability

By ensuring that every single component has full life-cycle traceability is manufacturers can save significant time and resource in identifying the cause of quality escapes. Combining permanent, unique identification marks with manufacturing data capture provides an instant component history at any point in a product’s life cycle. Root cause analysis is speeded up and recall actions are directly targeted at the known locations of specific components. Unique part traceability will be an essential part of any truly connected Industry 4.0 production facility.

Speaker : Alastair Morris - Pryor Marking Technology

News February 2016

ASD Days UK welcomes Poggipolini !

Since 1950 Poggipolini is specialized in the design and manufacture of critical and structural fasteners and critical machined components.
Its capabilities goes from engineering, R&D, hot forming, vacuum heat treating, CNC turning, milling and multi-tasking centers, NDT, galvanic processes and advanced quality controls. The company manages all the processes in house and for this, Poggipolini acts as partner and problem solver to its customers.
Poggipolini is quality driven, ISO 9001, EN 9100 (since 2004) and NADCAP certified for HT and NDT.
Poggipolini provides solutions, Poggipolini is your added value.

News February 2016

ASD Days UK welcomes Test-Fuchs!

TEST-FUCHS is a leading worldwide company specialising in the field of test equipment for aviation and space technology, Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and Aircraft Ground Equipment (AGE). It is the only company providing extensive all-in-one solutions for both military and commercial applications.

News February 2016

ASD Days UK welcomes QA Systems!

QA Systems is an exclusive distributor of Programming Research’s static source code analysis tools such as :
- Cantata which is a C/C++ unit and integration testing tool for verifying standard compliant or business critical code on host native and embedded target platforms.
- AdaTEST 95 which is a unit and integration testing tool for Ada language.
Both automate testing to make verification of space software faster and cheaper.

News February 2016

ASD Days UK welcomes Swissto12!

SWISSto12 is an innovative technology company that spun off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2011. The company pioneers the development and commercialisation of Radio-Frequency (RF) antenna, waveguide and filter products based on additive manufacturing.

Its key specialties lie in product designs, which are then additive manufactured (3D printed) in high-performance plastics and subsequently metal plated through a proprietary process. This novel approach to manufacturing replaces traditional machining of metallic materials. In this context, SWISSto12 products feature drastic weight reductions, extended design flexibility and reduced production costs.

News January 2016

ASD Days UK welcomes TMD Technologies !

The company has a track record of being able to solve the most difficult technical challenges in transmitter, microwave amplifier, microwave tube and power supply design. This is because TMD is not only a manufacturing company but also a research and development establishment with a task force of the most creative and resourceful engineers and scientists. TMD is not afraid to take risks and are willing to step outside the normal comfort zone.

News January 2016

ASD Days UK welcomes TAT Technologies !

TAT Technologies, Ltd. is a diversified technology-based engineering and industrial company specializing in design, development and manufacture of Heat Exchangers, Cooling Systems, Cold Plates, Vapor-Cycle Air Conditioning Systems (for both land and airborne applications) flow accessories.

News January 2016

ASD Days UK welcomes Nexter Systems !

Nexter's skills are focused on their core business as a systems provider and integrator, and therefore as an expert in today’s increasingly smart and interconnected land-based weapons systems.

Staffed by highly qualified systems engineers and operators, Nexter applies its specialist skills to driving forward innovation, providing project management expertise and delivering customer service:
- design and integration of complex weapon systems and delivery of customer service in the context of weapon systems and armored systems
- design and production of medium-caliber and large-caliber munitions, warheads, and safety devices for missiles and protection systems in the context of munitions and warheads
- civil engineering, mechanical and hydraulic equipment production and high added-value machining services
- engineering and production of electronic equipment for use in extreme environments.

News December 2015

ASD Days UK welcomes Thales Alenia Space UK !

For more than 40 years now, Thales Alenia Space has designed, integrated, tested, operated and delivered innovative space systems and provides satellite solutions for all type of missions: Telecommunications, Meteorology, Observation & Science.

News December 2015

ASD Days UK welcomes The Swatch Group!

The Swatch Group includes within its organization several general service (corporate) companies that carry out work on behalf of all the Group’s brands and production companies.

Each of these is allocated global tasks relating to research and development into new products and manufacturing methods; the design and construction of watches, jewelry, and even electronic systems; watch and jewelry packaging; distribution methods; organizing worldwide after-sales service for all brands; quality standards and reference criteria governing product manufacture, assembly and shipping; product legislative conformance tracking; patent applications; sales force training; real estate and factory management; raw material utilization right through to its processing after utilization in conformance with the applicable environmental protection legislation; plus numerous other tasks.

News December 2015

ASD Days UK welcomes Neva Aerospace!

Neva Aerospace will offer turnkey solutions based on autonomous, low-emission aerial robots capable of carrying 2kg to 2 tonne payloads.
Neva Aerospace Ltd is being developed as a consortium company through partnership with key clients (oil & gas, construction, agribusiness, transportation) and technology suppliers (anti-collision systems, artificial intelligence for air system controls, turbines, composites, etc) together with financial investors.

This consortium development approach adds strength and ensures balance in the Neva business model. It provides access to our markets and to the key technologies needed to introduce heavy drones into civilian regulated airspace and industrial businesses. It also provides synergies between investors, market early adopters and providers of key technologies.

Neva’s strategy positions the company for organic growth. In the medium to long term, coupling brand new technologies with key technologies will enable Neva to develop as a global modern player across the electric aviation sector for drones and aerial robotic platforms, electric aviation, hybridisation, and high density traffic control.

News December 2015

ASD Days UK welcomes Nolam !

Nolam Embedded Systems is a leading provider of professional, yet cost-effective Computing and Embedded Systems on a full turn-key basis. This is supported by the company's strong in-house HW & SW design and integration capabilities.
The company's Computing & Embedded Systems Solutions group provides "best in class" solutions for your Embedded computing needs.

Nolam's strong capabilities and wide experience derive from closely working with a large variety of clients within the Defense, Naval, Telecom, Industrial and Medical, industries segment markets. Nolam Embedded
Systems delivers its customers with the ultimate "Total Solution" approach.

News December 2015

ASD Days UK welcomes Interface concept!

Founded in 1987, Interface Concept designs, develops and manufactures high performance boards and systems for civil and military applications. The company major business areas are Defense and Aeronautic embedded applications. IC also develops and markets systems in many other fields as High Energy Physics, Smart Grid Power Transmission, Transportation and Industry.
Their products provide unrivalled performance and reliability in the most demanding static, mobile, shipboard and airborne environments. IC has built a global network of partners that integrate its products all over the world.

News December 2015

ASD Days UK welcomes SSTL!

SSTL has the world's most extensive track record of small satellite missions, spanning 30 years. The company can provide complete Earth observation capability with a flexible mix of products and services.
SSTL can develop satellites throughout their life cycle – from design and build through to launch and in-orbit monitoring and maintenance – or any stage of that cycle. For customers who want to monitor and maintain their own satellites, SSTL set up their ground station and train their in-house team.

News December 2015

ASD Days UK welcomes Thermacore !

Thermacore are experts in thermal management of high end electronics and offer in-house design, manufacture and test of thermal technologies including heat pipes, high conductivity encapsulated graphite spreaders and liquid cold plates. Thermacore are prime contractor on three ESA ARTES projects.

Thermacore’s global engineering teams will remain focused on keeping Thermacore as the technical leader in advanced thermal management technologies, conducting Ph.D.-level research and development in advanced solid conduction, heat pipes, vapor chambers, loop heat pipes, pumped liquid cooling, nano-technologies and advanced materials. The distribution of our technical expertise will allow our engineering development efforts to be closely tied to our customers and their thermal solution needs today and into the future.

News December 2015

Welcome to The Elwing Company !

The Elwing Company develops and commercializes advanced propulsion systems for satellites and spacecraft. Beyond advanced propulsion system production and integration, Elwing also offers support to prime contractors and satellite operators through the entire satellite life, from before at mission definition and satellite design and until the mission is completed and spacecraft are decommissioned.

News December 2015

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News November 2015

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ASD DAYS UK is one of Europe's major one to one ASD events, exclusively dedicated to Aerospace & Defence Supply Chains and R&D competencies.
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